Brake Disks

XILEMA and its staff has been active and present in the world of racing competition for over fifteen years with a proper production line, successfully serving the most important teams in the field. Now, after nearly three years of various tests and many kilometers travelled, XILEMA is ready to launch on the market a complete range of brake disks, excellent for on-the-road use. After further tests, we have developed our XILEMA RADIAL GROOVED BRAKE DISCS with a futuristic design. Hereafter a few important points regarding the radial grooves: 1 - The inclined design permits a soft and not aggressive touch with the brake pad therefore also permitting its polish. 2 - The radial grooves on the braking surface are designed to generate a turbine effect which dissipates heat build- up allowing the disks to run cooler therefore reducing the possibility of warping, vibration or cracking. 3 - Guaranteed effectiveness regarding braking surface-disk pad contact. 4 - The particular design and inclination of the radial grooves offer low-noise running and are highly recommended for on and off road driving.